After spending most of his 20's on the road as a drummer for artists such as David Allan Coe, Onward, etc., Mark Chapman Band, The Wasted Ways and countless others, Jake Stringer decided it was time to go his own way. Time to take the music he had been hearing and dreaming up in his head, and make it tangible. Over the next year, he and steel guitarist and longtime friend Zach Mourning put together a cast of brilliant musicians and friends to form what would be known as, "Better Than Nothin'"

What's in a name?  You're the judge. We're just pleadin' our case . . .

Better Than Nothin' is:
Jake Stringer - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
Zach Mourning - Steel Guitar
Cody Stanford - Guitar
Bud Whitledge - Bass
Mike "Mule" Muhlenbruch - Drums

It's pure, whiskey-drinking classic country.”

Brett Johnston - 417 Magazine